Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Houston drivers SUCK!

Since I have been in Houston, Texas (4 years), I have seen too many accidents. Daily Don (ABC 13 News) provides me the traffic updates, all I hear and see are delays on 59, 10, 610, and/or 45, which are ALL the main corridors in Houston. Sucks, huh?What sucks even more is that Don has reported only few of the many accidents that have occurred while on the air. As I drive to work, I encounter many more. And there is no rain or snow on the ground.

Not only are their accidents, but drivers do NOT know how to merge. And let's not start on the rudeness. I have never received so many dirty looks and birds shot at me. Not because I am doing wrong, but doing Right according to the Department of Public Safety. What does that mean? I mean driving the speed limit, utilizing my signals, and of course the dreaded, showing common courtesy to other drivers (letting others merge).

Houston, Texas has drivers that are so RUDE and DISRESPECTFUL.

Last year, I had someone come from an apartment parking lot across three lanes of traffic and rammed our suburban. Airbags deployed. I screamed to my daughter to write down the license plate number (in case the driver did not stop). The other driver who was driving a new Dodge Ram (I know, ironic huh?) advised me he would pull over up ahead and I TRUSTED him. He took off. And guess what I had to do? I followed that fool (OK, more like I chased him down).

He obviously did not realize I was a NUYORICAN and not be toyed with. Well, the other driver must have gotten the message I was not giving up and he finally pulled over after about 20 minutes. Then he got out of the car and immediately said he was not drinking and speaking in Spanish, as well as laughing. What gives? That was the furthest thing from my mind. Man, you do not know I AM NOT THE ONE. I had my children in the car.

He really did not know I am a Boricua. Man I laid into him in Spanish and he dropped his mouth to the floor and and tongue fell out. Then all of a sudden he could speak English. I still lashed into him in my Nuyorican Spanglish. I got every number he could provide from his insurance company, his cell number (yes, I snatched that phone from his vehicle) to his companion's cell (I snatched his too).

Did he apologize? Yes. Did I accept it at that time? No. He was not sincere. He apologized because I caught him.Did I call his insurance company? Yes, as he stood there and I told
everything to them. I included the key point, HE RAN.

Where did he get his driver's license? Cracker Jack box? Which is probably where many Houstonians have received theirs as well.

Houston drivers suck!

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