Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fast Food

McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King, Popeye's, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Hardee's, Church's, and Jack in the Box sound good? To me, they sound like a stomach ache about to happen.

When I was younger,I remember going to the Rialto on Flatbush Ave and bringing in a whole meal from McDonald's or KFC. We would sit in the balcony as we watched movies like "Uptown Saturday Night" or "Let's Do It Again" and eat. Popcorn? What was that?Those were great memories.

Then there were the days that it would be a treat if I took my daughters to a fast food joint. Then I met "John", a teenager that worked at Hardee's in Inverness, Florida. I learned about fast food restaurants. What they did to the food was NASTY. The stories turned my stomach.Grease remains unchanged for days/weeks.Burgers that are dropped on the floor and then used to make someone's order. I am not a germaphobe, but the coughing and sneezing done on the food. Yucky!

If I eat from any of these restaurants my stomach sours and I am sick for the remainder of the day. Sometimes I am sick for several days. To some, this may be a great way to lose weight, if you are into this.

Then came the healthy revolution. People wanted healthier choices. So the restaurants added salads, apples, juices, water, yogurt, and grilled chicken sandwiches. But of course, people that had frequented these establishments utilizing them as they only meal source gained weight.

Hence lawsuits were brought against some chains. For example, McDonald's was sued by some young women. They accused the chain of being the contributing factor to their obesity. I say put the burger, soda, and fries down.Do you know how many calories are in the "Value Meals" / "Combos"? Eat in moderation. There are many other healthy alternatives.

I try to eat healthy. If I eat out I eat at a restaurant. I try to stay away from the big chains.If I do go to a fast food joint, I order a salad, which is really not healthy at those places.

My favorite fast food joints are Sweet Tomatoes, Boston Chicken, Chipolte's, Chick-fil-a,and Pita Express. If you have never eaten at one of these places, try them you may just like what they offer.

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