Monday, May 10, 2010


Everyone wants to have love in their life. But can they honestly say,that they have found it?

I can.. Some years ago December 13, 2006 I met a young man, who forever changed my outlook on love at first sight.

I was a sophomore in college and was dating someone in the military. Did absence make the heart grow fonder? No. It makes one cheat. Which is what he was doing in Hawaii. So I started dating someone in school, but that as not going well at all.

An acquaintance advised that he had the perfect guy for me. I was not happy to hear he was still in high school as I was in college. But, I was advised he was 18 years old; therefore, I gave in. May I also add, I was intrigued by the description of the young man. I decided to meet them at work. At that time, they worked at Baskin and Robbins, which was 3 blocks away from my house.

When we met, there was an instant attraction. He could read my mind and I his. I knew he wanted to kiss me. I told him it was okay to do so. He could not believe I knew what he was thinking, but was happy I gave the approval of his kiss. This was a start of what would be the best relationship I would ever have.

I was very honest with the young man. I did tell him what was going on in my life. I had a boyfriend in the military and one at school. His reply" You will drop them both for me." Cocky? Yes. When I was out on a date with the others, I would be thinking about him. I would sneak away and call him from the pay phone ( at that time there were no cell phones).When I had surgery, it was he who stood by me. Not the others.

He and I had so much fun together. We experienced many firsts together. We went everywhere. I did not feel like I had compensate for who I was. Did I drop both of the guys for him? Yes and I never regretted it.

He and I became a fixture in each other's lives. There was never a time you did not see him without me nor me without him. He was not only my boyfriend, but also my best friend. We talked for hours about nothing and everything. We were so close. Often people mistook us for siblings, as we favored each other.

We were together for almost one year. But he and I were both young. His family was moving to New Orleans and he felt he needed to go with them. I will never forget the day he told me. My heart shattered. I could not catch my breath. My friend and boyfriend would forever be gone. We made many promises to each other that in the end were not kept. Do I regret all that we shared? No.

We parted ways saying that "when you love someone you set them free and if they return it was meant to be".

In the beginning, we exchanged a few letters and calls as throughout the years (1988-1990); however, we lost contact with each other. I often searched for him via online web searches, but never found him. Years later, I saw his name on the website I sent him a message in the hopes of a reply.

At this time, I was going through a painful, bitter divorce. I prayed to God for a man that would respect me and love my daughters as if they were his own. and you know what happened?

I received a response. On April 13, 2006, I was driving to school and my cell phone rang. I answered it and my heart pounded as I heard his voice. I could not believe it. I dropped my cell phone and almost lost control of my car. I gained my composure and we talked the entire night after I got out of school. We have not yet stopped.

After visiting and reestablishing our relationship, I quit my job and moved my daughters to be with my love. We now have two children, Christian and Xavier. Although, there is no such thing as happily ever after, we have come darn near close.

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  1. Wow. What more I can say? When you told me you were moving to Houston....what did I ask you? Was it Corey? And yes, even after all these years, EVEN I KNEW YOU WERE MEANT TO BE WITH HIM!!!!!!!

    Damn. I love when I'm right.