Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wally World

Have you ever been to Wally World? What is Wally World? Why it is Wal*Mart of course. I do not think many people have not been to one. It is sort of a vortex of mega stores. You can go in to buy a container of milk for $2.41. However, when you leave your pockets are $50.00 less. Why is that? Hmm, I do not know.

What I do know is that I need to have stock in the company. I am in Wal*Mart everyday. Milk and few items I may need for the week, one day. The next day, I need to purchase supplies for a child's school project. Then day three may possibly be a party at work and I need to purchase some form of supplies for. Day four, I need pampers and/or wipes. Day five grocery items again, milk. Man milk goes quick in my house. Day six, I need water. Yes I buy water. Houston water sucks. Day seven, groceries for the week. I do not care how much I stock up. My family likes to eat.

This does not account for the times, I visit other grocery stores or other Wal*Marts. Not every Wally World carries the same items. The basics may be the same, but some do sell specialized products others do not like Goya products. I can purchase Goya olive oil at the Wally World on Dunvale, but if I want Goya tomato sauce, I must visit the one on located on Beltway 8. As for other stores like Kroeger's, Randalls, Whole Foods, HEB, and Central Market they carry items that most Wal*Marts do not, like spaghetti squash or Boar Head's deli meats. So I may be a Wal*Mart addict, I do get my foodie fixes at the other chains in my area (specifically HEB/Central Market).

I guess lower prices come at a price.

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